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The Famous On the Water surrounded by sea Chalet

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Welcome to The Mangrove Floating Chalet

Kukup has long been a favoured destination for seafood lovers and a haven for bargain hunters, is now home to an exciting holiday concept - a holiday house located in the middle of the sea!

The True Gateway

       Imagine relaxing in a house surrounded all round by sea. Your only link to land is a long jetty. But all the modern comforts are yours to enjoy.

     The Mangrove Floating Chalet is fully equipped for a ensure a wonderful holiday. There's kichenette, television, hot water baths and modern toilet amenties.

      The hustle and bustle of city life are all forgotten as you admire the beautiful seascape and marvellous sunsets. And you can get there easily. Kukup is only 70 kilometres by road from Johor Bahru. Or you can hop onto the ferry at the World Trade Centre. In a matter of hours, you are in a different world - the world of Kukup Water House.

Fishing at your Doorstep

Just drop a line and you're ready to land a fish. The Mangrove Floating Chalet is right smack in one of the most rewarding fishing areas in Malaysia. And when you've caught your share, it's time for a reward.

Barbeque Galore

Just strike up a fire at the barbeque stands and you'll have one of the freshest seafood meals of a lifetime. Straight out of the water and onto the grill. Waht could be easier?

Seafood Fantasia

If fishing is not your game, head down to the village for a sumptuous seafood feast cooked in any style you want. And the prices are equally appetizing.

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Spacious accommodation

   The Mangrove Floating Chalet is a delight in every way. Clean and comfortable, if offers two large multi-purpose halls and 10 smaller rooms which is spacious enough for eighty people. The cool sea breeze and gentle sounds of the waves will guarantee a magnificent holiday.

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Sing to your heart's content

Every feature has been included for a fun-filled holiday. Switch on the karaoke set and sing away to the extensive selectio of popular tunes.

Visiting the Fish Farms

Ever wondered what goes on in a fish farm? Now's the time to find out. Visit the fishfarm that is right next door to the The Mangrove Floating Chalet and only a short boat-trip away.


Air Masin,Kukup as the locals prefer to address her is located at the southwest of Johore State. It is sometimes refered as the Southmost part of the Asia Continental and Peninsular of Malaysia. Approximately 70 kilometres from Johor Bahru, Kukup is about 20 kilometres from Pontian. You have to reach Pontian first, and get a taxi at a rate of not exceeding RM 2.00 per person.

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The Mangrove Floating Chalet
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